5 Mistakes Dieters Make – and How You Can Avoid Them


Dieting is big business, racking in over $54 billion in revenue from Americans annually. It is a consumer’s dream (or worst nightmare) to enter a bookstore and see the plethora of dieting and self-help books to choose from. The ocean waves of bookcases are covered in catchy headlines and titles that promise a different outcome than you’ve had in the past. You are bombarded upon row after row of solutions to your “bulging” problem that pains your thoughts relentlessly. After strolling through the bookcases glancing at endless amounts of glossy covers and outrageous titles long enough to let your head stop spinning, one must ask, “Is all this really necessary?” I mean, we have more choices than ever before when it comes to dieting, and yet, we are still getting fatter. Every time a diet book is purchased . . . no, it’s even faster than that . . . every time a book is removed from the shelf another is put in its place. Each one promises better and faster results often making enticing claims like, “You will never go hungry again,” and “Eat (this or that) and you will burn more fat.” Catchy covers, eye catching colors and images

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5 Mistakes Dieters Make – and How You Can Avoid Them