'American Idol' alum Mandisa Hundley shows off her 80-pound weight loss


Mandisa Hundley didn't let weight issues stop her from auditioning for the fifth season of "American Idol." But the singer's joy from making it onto the show soon vanished when sharp-tongued judge Simon Cowell joked that they would need a "bigger stage" to accommodate her.

Now 80 pounds thinner, Hundley tells ETonline.com what it was like to relive the painful memory that was recently replayed on "American Idol Rewind."

"My favorite memory started out as my least favorite memory and that was when Simon Cowell made fun of my weight on the very first show," she said. "That was my worst nightmare come true. When I saw Simon the next time, I told him I forgave him because an important part of my faith is forgiving others because I have been forgiven. I will never forget that reaction: the look on his face - humbled and giving me a big hug."

Though Hundley, 33, didn't go on to win the singing competition, she returned to the recording studio. She says her newest album, called "True Beauty," is about not being defined by the way one looks.

However for Hundley, the way she looked needed a change.

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'American Idol' alum Mandisa Hundley shows off her 80-pound weight loss