Atkins Diet Meal Plans


Secret of Success, For many dieters, the Atkins diet wasn't discovered until the 1990's although a form of this popular weight loss plan has been around since the 70's. The diet is essentially a low carb weight loss plan, but it is not without controversy. Many physicians point to the hazards associated with its low carb and often high fat content. But when it comes to results, no one can argue with the success that dieters have experienced by following Atkins diet meal plans. Getting Started, There are numerous books and videos devoted to this diet program. You can find them on Amazon and of course eBay as well as numerous bookstores. Many of the books and videos have carb counters to aid you in figuring out which foods you can eat. Your community may offer support groups for those who follow the Atkins diet for additional motivation if you need this kind of support to find success. Regardless of whether you find diet plans on the Internet, from the book, or from your neighbor, you need to educate yourself on the list of foods considered acceptable with this weight loss plan.

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Atkins Diet Meal Plans