Atkins Diet Plan Review | Dr Atkins Weight Loss Program


or many Americans, the Atkins Diet has become synonymous with fast weight loss and low carb diets. According to most experts, it was the first diet of its kind. In fact, The AtkinsDiet first emerged onto the weight loss scene in 1972 when Dr. Robert Atkins first unveiled it in his book, Atkins' Diet Revolution. The book is still popular today, but they recently released the newest addition called the New Atkins for a New You. There is also a website that uses a member based model and a full series of bars, foods, and products designed to assist individuals who are looking to make the Atkins Diet easier to commit to. The AtkinsDiet website states that users can lose enough weight in two weeks to make them swimsuit ready. The Atkins Diet is well known for providing quick weight loss due to their use of a no or low carb high fat model. This is a four phase weight loss system in which users sharply curtail their ingestion of carbs and then gradually reintroduce them back into their diet as the plan goes on. In general

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Atkins Diet Plan Review | Dr Atkins Weight Loss Program