Bob Greene Best Life Diet Review


Because of Bob Greene's affiliation with Oprah (she wrote the foreword to his book and says the diet mirrors how she eats and lives now), many skeptics have dismissed the Best Life Diet as another celebrity weight loss fad. However, it's become highly regarded among nutritionists because of its motivating tone and and honest approach to nutrition and exercise. The average number of calories dieters can expect to eat is 1,700 per day, which makes it easy to create well-balanced meals compared to many restrictive diets that tend to be deficient in certain nutrients because they allow far fewer calories and a Another plus is how dieters are encouraged to exercise as a way to earn rewards. Depending on how much exercise you're doing each week, dieters are allowed to eat additional calories per day. Yes, if you don't take advantages of the loopholes in the diet. The program recommends all the right healthy foods and limits all the bad ones. But, it also isn't as restrictive as many diets are when it comes to portion sizes. That can make it easy for some dieters to fudge the rules and eat more than they should.

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Bob Greene Best Life Diet Review