Can the world's most extreme diet really help you live to 120?


Elvira and Claus Bonrich are the very model of a successful young couple. With their impressive careers - Claus is a software programmer and Elvira works in an upmarket health food shop - their immaculate home in Wimbledon, South London, and their wardrobe of designer clothes, they couldn’t appear more conventional. But they have a quite extraordinary ambition. Elvira, 28, and Claus, 33, want to live longer than anyone in the world has ever done before. And they believe they can achieve this - simply by monitoring every single mouthful they take. The Bonrichs are devotees of a diet and health regime which has taken America by storm and is now attracting much interest here. The eating programme is known as Calorie Restriction. Its diet of steamed vegetables, fish, nuts and more nuts may appear, well, nuts, to cynics. But followers are convinced that it’s the passport to longevity. By living on near starvation rations, they believe they have found the secret to living into their hundreds.‘We think about every single morsel of food we put in our bodies,’ explains Elvira. ‘We’ve been following the programme for two-and-a-half years.

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Can the world's most extreme diet really help you live to 120?