Carrie Fisher is the new celebrity spokesperson for Jenny Craig


Carrie Fisher, 54, is the new celebrity spokesperson for Jenny Craig's weight loss program. Carrie Fisher was the 5” 1, 105 lbs “hottie” Princess Leia in Star Wars in the 1970's/80's. Today, at age 54, Carrie Fisher weighed 180 lbs at her heaviest, due to an accumulation of events. How Carrie Fisher gained weight,Carrie Fisher's weight gain, like many women, crept up on her due to lifestyle factors and events in her life. Lack of exercise and an unbalanced diet, together with life on the road, were the main contributing factors to her gaining weight. She said in an interview with People magazine: “I would just graze, but I didn't do it healthy – it was like putting on the feed bag.” In addition, with the death of her father Eddie Fisher in September 2010, Haagen-Dazs ice cream became her comfort food. Spokespersons for the Jenny Craig weight loss program,Past celebrity spokespersons for Jenny Craig have had mixed success; Kirstie Alley successfully lost weight through the Jenny Craig weight loss program, only to put it back on again. Last year she starred in her own reality show, Kirstie Alley's Big Life, in an attempt to lose weight again.

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Carrie Fisher is the new celebrity spokesperson for Jenny Craig