Food is not the enemy (diet plan )


Does it not strike you as odd the number of people who are always telling you what you should and shouldn’t eat? Who are these so-called “experts”? In my line of work I make many suggestions in regards to exercise and diet and I feel that after 30 years of experience I have some credibility. I don’t think a day goes by when I make a nutrition or exercise suggestion that someone always has a counter opinion. Where does that come from? That’s almost as bad as the 20 handicap golfer who constantly is making suggestions to all his buddies about the “end all, be all” golf tip of the day. Listen people, in my world, you had better be eating the right foods and following a pretty amazing workout regimen for many years to have even a smidgen of credibility these days. EVERYONE is an expert. Who needs to read a book anymore? Simply flag down the nearest person in the mall and ask them their top five fat burning foods. They probably watched the latest episode of Oprah or Dr. Oz and now everyone must avoid rice, beef, potatoes, oatmeal, or eggs. Oh, but go ahead and consume a “moderate” amount of red wine.

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Food is not the enemy (diet plan )