Cookie Diet Credited for 182 Pounds Weight Loss


A husband and wife who shed 233 pounds on obesity expert Dr. Sanford Siegal’s popular weight-loss regimen is celebrated in the 2011 People magazine Half Their Size cover story. For the second time since 2009, a Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet success story is featured in the annual People magazine Half Their Size cover story. Marty Moorehead of Phoenix, Arizona, lost 182 pounds and his wife, Grace, lost 51 pounds, by following celebrity diet expert Dr. Sanford Siegal’s 36 year old weight-loss regimen under their own doctor’s supervision. Josie Raper, also from the Phoenix area, appeared on the cover of People magazine in 2009 after losing 120 pounds on Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet. The 31 year old mother has kept the weight off for two years. Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet entails following a reduced-calorie diet of around 1,000 to 1,200 calories per day while controlling hunger with a specially formulated cookie developed by Dr. Sanford Siegal. Moderate exercise is encouraged during the weight-loss phase of the plan. For lifetime weight maintenance, Dr. Siegal is a proponent of vigorous aerobic exercise.

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Cookie Diet Credited for 182 Pounds Weight Loss