Cookie Diet Review


There's a reason we've lumped all three 'cookie diets' into the same review. All three plans -- Dr. Siegal's Cookie Diet, The Hollywood Cookie Diet and Smart For Life -- each differ slightly from each other, but not by much. With Dr. Siegal's program, dieters eat six cookies throughout the day, drink at least eight to 10 glasses of water, then end their day with a small dinner consisting of a lean protein source, such as chicken or fish, and vegetables. On the Hollywood Cookie Diet, dieters eat four cookies a day and are allowed a "normal"' dinner. Finally, the Smart For Life diet has dieters noshing on six cookies a day, then eat a high-protein, low-fat dinner. The only distinguishing thing it features over the other two programs is that it allows dieters access to a Smart For Life center where they are also given an examination and guidance each week as they lose the weight (Of course, this guidance comes at an additional cost and is only available in certain states.) Regardless of which one you pick, the big sell of all three programs is getting dieters to believe they can eat a bad-for-you food and lose weight in the process.

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Cookie Diet Review