Dr. Oz's 28-Day Soda Quitting Plan


When it comes to medical opinions, it's sometimes wise to get a second one, which is what I am asking of you, oh wise FitSugar readers. A fan of Dr. Oz, I watched his show the other day where he mapped out a 28-day plan to rid one of his audience members of her 12-sodas-a-day drinking habit. A cola junkie, she seemed excited about their plan to walk away from the bubbly drinks, but I'm just not sure I'm buying his month-long program.
Curious to see what it is?, Week one: Go from regular soda to a diet soda to get over the sugar craving. He encourages one to eat fish, eggs, and beans during this phase.
Week two: Go from diet soda to caffeine-free diet soda to rid your body of the caffeine fix. He suggests taking ibuprofen for headaches and snacking on foods rich in vitamin B.
Week three: Cut your soda intake down in half. Instead of only drinking the caffeine-free diet sodas, drink a seltzer water combined with a small percentage (about 20 percent) of your favorite fruit juice. Week four: No more sodas! Just chew sugar-free gum when you need a sweet treat.

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Dr. Oz's 28-Day Soda Quitting Plan