Dukan Diet: A High Protein Diet Meal Plan


Recently high protein diet meal plans have gained quite a following with their “all you can eat”, meat filled menus. They come in many flavours, each focusing on a specific variation of an upside down food pyramid. The latest of these is the low carbohydrate, low fat, and high protein Dukan diet. This eating regime created by the French doctor Pierre Dukan is targeted at obese people desperate to lose weight. In a way the fatter you are the more you will gain from the diet. The doctor wrote his book based on his experiences with overweight patients and with the typical problems faced by repeat dieters and comfort eaters in mind. Thanks to a patient particularly fussy with his food choices – a sworn meat lover – Dukan stumbled upon the almost magical properties of proteins. Researching deeper into the subject over the years he has established patterns and rules which work even on the most stubborn excess kilograms. The diet is based on a high protein meal plan and it was initially called the Protal diet, however this name seems to be abandoned now in favour of the Dukan diet.

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Dukan Diet: A High Protein Diet Meal Plan