Hoodia Where Did This Miracle Plant Come From?


The Hoodia gordonii plant has been touted as the weight loss discovery of the century. The plant is a spiny plant that looks like a cactus and is a part of the succulent category of plants. There are 13 to 20 different species of the Hoodia plant. The Hoodia gordonii plant from the Kalahari Desert in South Africa is the only species found to have a specific molecule in it that suppresses appetite.

The Hoodia plant has been around for centuries and it can be found in many other countries in various species. It also can be used as a garden plant but they are hard to grow because they need specific growing conditions. The temperature must be hot and it needs a minimal amount of water. It takes more than five years to mature and when it does it produces blooms that are normally pale purple. The plant has a terrible smell that some say smells like long rotten meat. The taste is bitter but the South African Bushmen have consumed the Hoodia for thousands of years.

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Hoodia Where Did This Miracle Plant Come From?