Dr. Oz diet: How the Dr. Oz diet works


The truth is most fancy the idea of joining the gym and sweating off excess pounds to stay healthy and in shape or fit into that perfect dress or suit. Sadly, due to lack of enough time for exercise resulting from our busy schedules, many have given up on staying in shape and accepted being overweight or spend time perusing through fashion magazines brooding over clothes that we will never wear. For those that belong to the church of Oprah (Oprah’s talk show), Oprah featured the Dr. Oz diet. Dr. Oz diet is a revolutionary, modern and realistic diet plan, all in a book entitled “YOU: On a Diet”. It teaches which foods to avoid and effective plans that will surely cut weight and waist size. What’s in the “YOU: On a Diet”?,Doctors Mehmet Oz and Michael Roizen advise us to stop crash diets and carbohydrates intake counting. The main goal of the diet plan is to cut out 100 calories on our daily diets. When we cut off about 400 calories a day, it is likely that we might not to be able to stick to 400 calories a day (due to starvation). Our weight will increase because when we deprive ourselves of sufficient calories,

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Dr. Oz diet: How the Dr. Oz diet works