How to follow the Biggest Loser diet


NBC’s reality hit The Biggest Loser has become a phenomenon in the world of health and fitness through transforming overweight contestants right in front of our eyes. Many people watching can only dream of the opportunities that these men and women have, living on a structured weight-loss ranch, being trained by the best in the business and having the constant motivation of prizes along the way including $250,000 for the winner. While we may not become the next reality TV star, with the help of the Biggest Loser diet plan book we can achieve results by using the same basic 12-week program they use on the show. This low calorie diet is based around a food pyramid. At the base are fruits and veggies, you will want to have (4) servings per day split 50/50, so two from fruit and two from vegetables. Next above that are (3) servings of lean protein.

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How to follow the Biggest Loser diet