Is Your Body Hindering Your Weight Loss?


You don’t lose weight for many reasons. Primarily, you gain weight because you eat too much and burn too little calories. But, there are many other pieces that affect the weight loss and fat loss puzzle. If you focus more on the total health picture, you will succeed with weight loss and fat loss. Focusing on total health forces you to think beyond next week, next month or next year. You will tend to have a lifetime health and fitness attitude. If you are going to live longer, you want to have a quality life. Its difficult to have a quality life if your health and fitness is lacking. In an About.com poll, 65 percent of site visitors said they were losing weight for appearance. And, only 35 percent said they were losing weight for health. That's why quick weight loss programs (with no long-term benefits) continue to sell out. You can have both health and great appearance. If you achieve the optimal weight loss and body fat percentage, you will look and feel your best.

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Is Your Body Hindering Your Weight Loss?