Know the different yoga poses


In Sanskrit language, the term “pose” is called as “asana”. In yoga, there are different types of poses or asanas to help retain a healthy and fit body. Every pose helps the person become more and more aware of the mind, environment and body. When starting the yoga exercises or poses, it is better to experiment with these asanas and thus feels really comfortable. In case you approach these poses with any painful curiosity, competitiveness and frustration will never enter the doors of your mind. While practicing the yoga poses, ensure that you do not feel any kind of discomfort and pain. The seated yoga poses are beneficial to practice the breathing exercises as well as the medication and relaxation techniques. The seated poses are even used to warm up or as the starting level of the other yoga exercises. Performing these seated exercises can be helpful to enhance the posture even open the hips. Other types of yoga postures include the restorative or relaxation poses. It is really crucial to take out time for performing these restorative exercises at the very end of every yoga session.

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Know the different yoga poses