Low Glycemic Index Diet


The Low Glycemic Index Diet focuses on the glycemic index levels of each food that you eat, particularly carbohydrates. Also referred to as the GI Diet, this eating plan categorizes foods according to how they affect your blood sugar levels. Foods that are considered low on the glycemic index scale are those that have a value of 55 or less. Low glycemic foods include animal proteins, non-starchy vegetables and fat. Those with values of 70 or more are to only be eaten in moderation or avoided. These high glycemic carbs include sugar, potatoes, white bread, white pasta and white rice. The idea behind eating foods that are low glycemic is that they will not spike your blood sugar levels like high glycemic foods do. Instead, low-GI foods like protein, full fat and certain vegetables are absorbed more slowly, allowing you to feel full longer and making you less likely to overeat. In contrast. Common Misspellings: Low-glycemics index diet, low-glycemic index deit, GI Deit, lo glycemic index diet, low carb diet, low-carbohydrate diet

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Low Glycemic Index Diet