Mediterranean Diet Recipes


The Mediterranean Diet, with its many different regions, offers a wide variety of Mediterranean foods. As a consequence, Mediterranean recipes can vary quite significantly with local ingredients. This is one of the main reasons that recipes for the Mediterranean diet can have the same name but feature different herbs, fruits or vegetables. You can use these half dozen Mediterranean diet recipes below in much the same way. If you are serious about Mediterranean recipes, go straight to this link to register for new mediterranean diet recipes delivered to you by email monthly. If you can't obtain some of the more exotic fruits, vegetables, or herbs, substitute with local ingredients. Just remember not to substitute extra virgin olive oil with other fats or oils (like suet, butter or lard), and always use grains that are as unprocessed as possible. Don't forget that in a Mediterranean style diet lunches and dinners are accompanied with salads, and whole grain breads, which are never eaten with butter or margarine. The Mediterranean diet philosophy is that meals are very social events and should be shared with friends and loved ones.

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Mediterranean Diet Recipes