New Weight Loss Pill? Fake Food Tricks Body Into Feeling Full


The Obesity Society had their annual meeting in San Diego over the weekend, and Shari Roan at the Los Angeles Times filed a report on some of the latest discoveries in the field. One of the bigger pieces of news came from researchers in Calgary, who had been working on fake, or "pseudofood," which will make people feel fuller than they ordinarily would. According to Roan, "The method involved filling a gelatin capsule made of biocompatible and biodegradable materials with expandable, absorbent fiber and polymer granules." The study seems to be fairly early in the development process, with only four subjects so far. But every indication at this point shows that the capsules are safe, and don't cause any discomfort. So what else was discussed at the meetings? One study showed that obese children aged 2 to 19 don't seem to consume more sugary sodas than normal-weight children of the same age (but don't get too excited -- soda is still bad for you). Another examination was on people who lost large amounts of weight and kept it off.

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New Weight Loss Pill? Fake Food Tricks Body Into Feeling Full