Slimming World Diet Review


Slimming World is a weight loss program that promotes itself as the weight loss plan without hunger. Slimming World is the most advanced weight loss organization in the UK. The program was founded in 1969 by Margaret Miles-Bramwell. During the past 35 years more than five million people have lost more than 60 million pounds so Slimming World is obviously effective.
Slimming World offers more than 5,500 groups meeting on a weekly basis nationwide in the UK and has 2,500 trained Slimming World consultants. Slimming World also launched a magazine in 1998, which is now the leading diet magazine in the UK. The Slimming World program offers group support through meetings, healthy eating options, getting active tips and access to the Slimming World magazine. he Slimming World plan could very well be a great plan, but it is not available to those outside of the UK. Slimming World also has no plans to offer the plan outside of the UK due to not being able to train the consultants that work at the centers. If you are within the UK or plan on moving there. Common Misspellings: slimmin world, slimming wurld, sliming world, slamming world, slimming world diet

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Slimming World Diet Review