The 4 Day Diet: What It Is


Are you tired of strict diets that offer the same foods every day? If you like variety and a focus on winning mind games, The 4 Day Diet may be the diet plan for you. You're not going to lose weight in just four days, as you might infer from the title. Instead, The 4 Day Diet plan is a series of seven phases or modules, each lasting four days, with an expected weight loss of 10-12 pounds over 28 days. During each module, you focus on specific foods or food categories (no calorie counting) and exercise recommendations. "People often quit their diets because they get bored with the monotony of eating the same foods," explains Ian K. Smith, MD, author of the book The 4 Day Diet. Smith is also a diet expert for the VHI show Celebrity Fit Club. "The 4 Day Diet keeps things changing while focusing on helping dieters cope with food triggers, tame temptations [and] cravings, and other issues that derail efforts to lose weight and improve health," says Smith, who created the 50 Million Pound Challenge, an initiative encouraging African-Americans to unite to lose a collective 50 million pounds. The 4 Day Diet provides tools to help dieters deal with the psychological factors of weight loss.

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The 4 Day Diet: What It Is