The Diet Solution Program


The Diet Solution Program by Isabel De Los Rios is a comprehensive and individual nutrition program based on your own personal metabolic type that assures fat loss along with maintaining good health and strength. This detailed nutrition manual will teach users about the specific principles to be followed in order to reach their ideal weight, but it also offers them the recommended meal plans, shopping lists, and recipes to do so. In addition to the list of everything users need to lose weight, there is also a list of foods and activities to avoid in order to maximize weight loss results. The Diet Solution Program is a very lengthy 180 pages ebook written by well known nutritionist and exercise specialist named Isabel De Los Rios. The basic premise of the ebook is that holding a healthy nutrition which leads to increased health and weight loss does not require any particular kind of standard diet plan. In fact, you can create your own diet plan based on your own metabolic type, a subject which Isabel explains in great detail in this ebook.

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The Diet Solution Program