The Four Day Diet Craze


I like to think that I have a truly fascinating job; I monitor the aggregate online behavior of over 10 million Internet users everyday. I can see collectively what web sites people visit and what search terms they use; through Google, Yahoo! Search and other search engines, I have a view into our collective thoughts. You won't be shocked to hear that, come January, we're thinking thin. Over the past four years I've graphed searches for "diets," and, not surprisingly, the yearly pinnacle occurs during the first week of January. What is surprising is just how fleeting an interest Internet users have in losing weight. By the second week of the year, diet searches begin a precipitous fall, dropping 32% within the first few days of the New Year, only to briefly recover in the summer months for swimwear season. The collapse then resumes until diet interest reaches an all time low on Thanksgiving Day. Diet searches remain in the trough in the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, until the last few days of the year, when they surge again and the yearly cycle repeats.

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The Four Day Diet Craze