The South Beach Diet: Heart Smart


The South Beach Diet was created for people with cardiovascular conditions. Developed by a cardiologist, this diet allows you to eat three meals a day as well as snacks and dessert. How does this diet afford you the opportunity to lose weight? The South Beach diet encompasses a meal plan filled with good carbs. The assumption is that bad carbs, which are associated with a high glycemic index, disables the body to resist insulin, thereby unable to properly dispose of fats and sugars that accumulate in the body. The South Beach Diet has three levels or phases. The first phase encompasses a two-week regimen which allows you to consume regular meals which include: meat, vegetables, fish, eggs, low fat cheeses and yogurt, as well as your favorite snacks and desserts. The second phase consists of fruits and whole grain foods. The third phase is the point at which you have reach your weight loss goal and you continue maintenance by consuming three meals a day in combination with whole grain and fruits. The bottom line is that the South Beach Diet combines good eating habits while decreasing bad carbs.

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The South Beach Diet: Heart Smart