Vegan Vs. Plant Based Diets Are All About The Difference In Ethics


A huge part of veganism involves cutting out all animal products from your diet, but the key word here is "part." I think the reason why most people shy away from a vegan lifestyle is because it is just that: a lifestyle. By committing to vegan culture, you're committing to a strict set of guidelines that not only affect what goes into your body, but the clothes and makeup you wear, and even how you decorate your house. It's part food, all ethics, and it's totally understandable why it can be intimidating to outsiders looking in. As demanding as it seems, abiding by the rules of veganism can offer you a ton of health benefits, as well as do some good for our planet. Going plant-based is a fantastic start, but not eating animals and actively trying to save them in all aspects of your life are two very different things.

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Vegan Vs. Plant Based Diets Are All About The Difference In Ethics