Weighing the pros and cons: A look into the HCG diet craze


The waiting area is filled nearly to capacity. Deep blue wallpapered walls surround the small room. The inhabitants of the chairs all sit quietly, only disturbing the silence with occasional flips of magazine pages. A nurse opens a door to the left and calls a name and an empty chair finally opens up, only to be filled a few moments later. It’s not the waiting room of your local family doctor’s office flooded with patients waiting for a flu shot, but the waiting room of the Weight Loss and Wellness Clinic office in Clemmons and it functions like a well-oiled machine. Patients move from nurse to physcian to pharmacist all in one visit, and can purchase everything from their doctor’s visit for the day (which isn’t covered by insurance providers) to high-protein, doctor-approved snack bars. This weight-loss clinic offers HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) injections and diet program first introduced by Dr. Albert T. Simeons over 50 years ago. While the US Food and Drug Administration has only approved the HCG injections as a fertility drug, it is still legal to use the hormone for weight loss based on off-label usage laws.

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Weighing the pros and cons: A look into the HCG diet craze