Weight loss pill can cause heart and attack and stroke


A new report conducted by the pharmaceutical company Abbott has found that their weight loss pill, Meridia, can increase the risk of nonfatal heart attacks and strokes, although the effects were only seen in patients who already had underlying heart conditions, according to WebMD. The FDA moved to restrict the drug to those who have no know heart problems, but, in Europe, the pill was banned completely. Later this month, the FDA will discuss undertaking the same measures. While the researchers who led the evaluation of the pill claim that it should stay on the market for individuals without heart problems, the New England Journal of Medicine has already wrote that the drug is nothing more than "another flawed diet pill" with a one in 70 chance of causing a heart attack or stroke, adding that many people who are obese often have undiagnosed health problems that may trigger these conditions. "Good old-fashioned diet and exercise is the only substantive sustained therapy that’s shown to be helpful," Dr J. Chad Teeters, assistant professor of clinical medicine, told Business Week.

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Weight loss pill can cause heart and attack and stroke