Wildcrafted Acai berries from Brazil pack a nutritional punch


Over the last several years, there has been a flood of information on the internet about the health benefits of Acai berries. Some of those claims have gotten out of hand, like "Lose 10 pounds in 10 days with Acai!" Acai isn't some sort of weight loss miracle, but it is an antioxidant-rich "super berry" from the rainforest jungles of South America, and it has a unique profile of phytonutrients that make it one of the top-recommended nutrition sources of superfood enthusiasts around the world. I personally use Acai in my own superfood smoothies, and it's steadily gaining popularity with mainstream consumers across North America, Europe and Australia. But there's one problem with Acai: A lot of the "Acai powder" sold in bulk behind the scenes is adulterated, meaning it's mixed with fillers that decrease its nutritional value. Finding pure Acai isn't easy This happens with a lot of popular, high-potency nutritional products. We saw it with hoodia gordoni a few years ago, and we see it with Chinese Medicine herbs all the time: When a food or herb is extremely valuable and potent

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Wildcrafted Acai berries from Brazil pack a nutritional punch