biggest loser: The Mommy Diet with Alison Sweeney


f you grew up watching Alison Sweeney on Days of Our Lives like I did, I'm sure you will agree that you feel a sort of kinship with her. And I can relate to her now, more than ever, in this season of my life. Just like her, I am a mom (although take her kids times 2 for me) and juggling a fast paced career. And just like her, and most other women who have had children, I struggled (and still do) with my weight post-pregnancy. Much like the website/blog in her namesake is friendly and most of all, real, so is her new book The Mommy Diet. As host of The Biggest Loser, I'm sure Ali learned a thing or two about diet and exercise. I'm equally as sure that she listened to feedback from the public on what they like about Biggest Loser and what they don't. And as most of us know, we are more likely to be encouraged and motivated by diet tips that we can easily assimilate into our own individual lifestyles than by military style regimens.

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biggest loser: The Mommy Diet with Alison Sweeney