calorie restriction diet plan


First, it's an extreme diet called "Calorie Restriction" where wheat, sugar, dairy, meat and even tap water are banned! Devotees eat rations of steamed vegetables, fish and nuts; and claim it will help them live to 120 years old. Critics however worry about the safety of this diet and say it can also lead to starvation and malnutrition: Devotees claim that by gaining the optimum nutrients from the fewest amount of calories, not only will you live longer and your body age at a slower rate, but you will be far less prone to disease such as heart attacks, diabetes, stroke and cancer — the main killers in the U.K. Some of the converted claim it could help humans live to as old as 140. Followers of Calorie Restriction claim to number in the millions in America, some of whom have been following the plan for the past 20 years.

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calorie restriction diet plan