the 2009 AcaiBerry Buyers Guide


According to company spokesperson Charlie Lynch, "The reason to buy acai berry products is to get the nutritional benefits that this remarkable fruit offers. But there are wide differences in nutritional value from product to product." He adds "In order to reap the benefits of acai you must buy the most potent products." Unlike most acai berry related websites, the Organic-Acai-Berry.com website explains how consumers can distinquish between the highest quality acaiberry products and those of lesser quality. According to Lynch, acai is widely accepted to be a remarkably nutritious fruit with an unusually high level of antioxidants but many companies are going overboard by making outrageous health claims. And many of these companies fail to disclose the amount of acai in their products, or exactly which ingredients are contained in the products they offer.

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the 2009 AcaiBerry Buyers Guide