Bikram yoga: Have you tried it for cross training?


The main obstacles to my running as loosely and freely as I would like are the heat, humidity and my balky back. If I want to continue to run outdoors, which I prefer, I will have to deal with the heat and humidity. My back? I’ve tried stretching, strengthening my core, limiting the distances that I run, all in an attempt to allow me to continue lacing up my running shoes and going. Then an old friend of mine in town this past weekend suggested Bikram yoga, which is yoga performed under hot conditions. He says it loosens up the muscles and allows him to do what he enjoys, including playing soccer, boxing and biking, without the tightness he was experiencing before. But I need more firsthand knowledge. Fitness Center followers who have tried Bikram yoga, what has been your experience? I am especially interested in finding out from those who are dealing with back issues such as mine (slight herniation in lower back that causes tightness and such numbness in legs when pressed too much).

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Bikram yoga: Have you tried it for cross training?