Finding balance between the gym and yoga


I recently joined a gym and started a pretty intense cardio and weight training routine. It's a nice contrast to yoga, but my muscles get so tight, that it's changing my yoga practice! I don't flow like I normally do and I don't feel in my body. The day after an intense jump rope session, my feet were so tight I could barely feel myself standing on the mat! How do I find balance between going to the gym and keeping my yoga practice going strong?,Yoga instructor and certified personal trainer Arnold Prosperos answers: It is a nice contrast! Continue with that line of thought and continue to step out of the box with your physical and yoga training. Since your body is comfortable with doing a type of movement exercise such as vinyasa yoga, once you introduce a new type of exercise, cardio or resistance training, you won't feel "in your body." This is because you are vigorously stretching and strengthening your body and mind in ways that you are not accustomed. Your mind and body simply become comfortable with your yoga practice. Now that you have introduced a new variable into your system, everything feels different.

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Finding balance between the gym and yoga