Ha-ha-ha-sana: an hour with Denver Laughter Yoga


“Fake it till you make it, that’s our motto,” says Meredith Vaughn at the outset of this week’s Laughter Yoga class in the First Unitarian Church’s upstairs chapel. She and her husband Dave are both sporting large yellow smiley-face buttons; we’ve all been given smiley stickers to place wherever we choose. The purpose behind Laughter Yoga, which was started fourteen years ago today in Mumbai, India by Dr. Madan Kataria, is to use simulated laughter to provide the mind and body with the same stress-busting and overall health benefits spontaneous laughter does. There are no actual asana (yoga postures), other than some deep-exhaling forward bends between laughter exercises. Breath work, clapping to stimulate acupressure points, and a traditional Savasana (rest) comprise the rest of the “yoga” part of the equation.

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Ha-ha-ha-sana: an hour with Denver Laughter Yoga