Hot Yoga (similar to Bikram Yoga)


What is it? Yoga in a REALLY hot room. Equipment needed: A yoga mat, towel and REALLY big bottle of water. Where: A variety of yoga studios offer this kind of class. We went to CorePower Yoga on Garden of the Gods. Benefits: Yoga increases flexibility and strength. The heat is said to help with circulation and getting rid of toxins. Lora Lantz, area manager with CorePower Yoga says, “It also helps increase circulation to tissues and organs, enhances the functioning of the immune system and provides great healing influence to the entire body.” Let me begin by saying… I am no yogi. I have taken two yoga classes in my life, so I am not an expert. But when my producer Tara (who loves yoga) told me about hot yoga, I was intrigued. “It’s done in a room that’s 105-degrees,” she said. “You sweat buckets and buckets.” Hmmm… alright. She agreed to take me with her, so I thought I’d give it a try.(TIP: CorePower allows you to borrow mats, which was helpful for a novice like me. The first time you come, borrowing is free. But after that, it’s $2.) Once I had my mat, I was ready to go.

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Hot Yoga (similar to Bikram Yoga)