Tantric Yoga Exercises


A Tantric yoga exercise is a great stress buster. This is one of the many forms of yoga practiced in ancient times. Here are a couple of Tantric yoga exercises…The term yoga means union of mind and body, derived from Sanskrit language. Yoga is more than meditation and it helps in harmonizing one’s physical and spiritual body. Yoga is a holistic technique practiced for self-improvement and it is almost five thousand years old. A female practitioner of yoga is known as yogini and the male practitioner is known as yogi. There are eight forms of yoga and one of the major forms of yoga is the Tantric yoga. Tantric or Tantra yoga is learned or practiced with help of a guru called as tantrika or Tantric acharya. On of the subset of Tantric yoga is the attainment of mental and spiritual wisdom in sex. Many of the Tantric yoga exercises are similar to exercises and poses of other forms of yoga. Yoga guru would guide a student through the various movements of Tantric yoga. Remember. tantric yoga tantric yoga positions tantric yoga video tantric yoga exercises white tantric yoga kundalini yoga tantric yoga postures tantric yoga classes tantric hatha yoga

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Tantric Yoga Exercises