Tantric Yoga Postures


Tantric yoga is one of the eight major forms of yoga and is often called tantra yoga or tantrism. The word 'tantra' translates to 'expend beyond all limitations.' In other words, the science of learning to go beyond the mind. Most people think of sex when they hear the word tantra, but the truth is sex is just a very small subset of tantra, compared to its real intent of attaining spiritual wisdom. Typically you need a spiritual teacher to progress in the practice of tantra where you become free of any desires and impure thoughts. Yoga is thought to be the union of the human soul with the source of all consciousness. It's important to choose a teacher, the right yoga practice, as well as a yoga center that is right for each individual.Different Yoga Teachings Hatha Yoga, It's probably the yoga most people think of first and what they are typically referring to is the yoga postures, or asanas. It also incorporates breathing techniques and meditation. tantric yoga tantric yoga positions tantric yoga video tantric yoga exercises white tantric yoga kundalini yoga tantric yoga postures tantric yoga classes tantric hatha yoga

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Tantric Yoga Postures