Taylor Lautner Diet Plan – Add Lean Muscle Without Getting Fat


A few posts back I reviewed Taylor Lautner’s workout and talked about choosing the best strategy for building your own Taylor Lautner body. Today I’m doing up a sample Taylor Lautner diet plan that I designed to quickly add lean muscle, without the fat. For most of my readers who still have some fat to lose before they break into that super lean, single digit body fat level…the smartest course of action would be to continue following a lean body diet. Once you’re ripped up and happy with your razor sharp abs, you can start a ‘controlled’ bulking phase, where you increase calories slightly, switch up your weight training and adjust your cardio workouts…to promote maximum muscle gain. Remember, I do NOT suggest any all-out bulking phases because you WILL gain fat that will be hard to get rid of. This post is for those people who’ve already lost the fat and are lean and mean…or for those who’ve always been skinny and need to figure out how to add muscle size, without getting fat, to complete the Taylor Lautner look.

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Taylor Lautner Diet Plan – Add Lean Muscle Without Getting Fat