White Tantric Yoga


White Tantra is a powerful form of meditation to clear the subconscious. Read about the structure of a White Tantric Yoga workshop, how to prepare, and testimonials. When they hear the word tantra, most people think of sex, but White Tantric Yoga, or White Tantra, is in fact a powerfully transformational meditation technique. Linked with Yogi Bhajan, who was the 'Mahan Tantric' (Master of White Tantra), White Tantra dissolves subconscious blocks and old patterns that prevent people from enjoying their lives fully. Clearing the Subconscious,The concept behind White Tantra is that the subconscious releases thousands of thoughts per blink of an eye. These thoughts, if unchecked, manifest negatively in the emotions and the physical body, impeding the quest for happiness and awareness. White Tantra, particularly if done over a period of time, clears the subconscious and increases awareness in a powerful and immediate way.Using the Energy of the Diagonal. tantric yoga tantric yoga positions tantric yoga video tantric yoga exercises white tantric yoga kundalini yoga tantric yoga postures tantric yoga classes tantric hatha yoga

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White Tantric Yoga