Yoga... To The Rescue!


Yoga To The Rescue (YTTR) was created by Amy Luwis, a yoga enthusiast who researched yoga instructors, involved her friends in yoga poses, and came up with a catch-all yoga guide that's good for what ails you. Don't let the cotton candy-colored packaging deter you from picking this book up. It might look like it was designed for the tween set but this book is truly all-woman. YTTR's concept is simple: if you're feeling less-than-amazing, there's a yoga pose for that. Feeling a little flabby? There's a yoga pose for that. Feeling like you want to hit the bar for a few dozen martinis? Skip the liquid therapy and discover that yes—there's a yoga pose for that. The book is conveniently divided into seven categories: Sexy, Calm, Energy, Restore, Cleanse, Sanity and Ragtime (for that most favorite few days of the month) so you can easily flip to the poses that you're looking for. Flipping to those poses is easy, as the book is designed as a set of 48 cards hooked together on a metal ring. Fear not, you'll never lose your place in the middle of downward dog.

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Yoga... To The Rescue!