Yoga isn't just for Dallas' bendy, young and graceful


It’s about so much more than the physical practices. After all, asana is just one of the eight limbs of yoga outlined by the sage Patanjali. The goal of yoga isn’t to get your foot behind your head, although that can be a small, novel benefit of long-term practice. The goal of yoga is to find out who you are. So, start where you are, whatever your particular needs, strengths and limitations. And be realistic: Just because yoga is for everyone doesn’t mean we all belong in a Bikram or Ashtanga class, especially at first. With a little searching, it’s actually pretty amazing what a wealth of specialized Dallas yoga classes are out there. Prenatal yoga is available practically everywhere yoga is taught. But, for example, there are also yoga classes specially tailored for people recovering from cancer, people struggling with depression and addiction issues, people with back injuries. Specialized classes like these often focus more on breathing and meditiation, making for a more well-rounded yoga practice.

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Yoga isn't just for Dallas' bendy, young and graceful