Yoga poses: Gentle yoga pigeon pose variations


Remember, Yoga is extremely adaptable. You may have tried Pigeon Pose after seeing a photograph of the pose in a book or magazine and become discouraged. I find the pose to be artistic and graceful. Let's look at some Pigeon Pose modifications that may allow you to practice your own Pigeon Pose. Cautions: Pigeon Pose is tough on the patella, tendons, quadriceps, and the groin adductors. Take time and patience to slowly develop your Pigeon Pose over a series of sessions. Never use force, and stay out of your pain zone. Do not place this pose early in your routine – you want to be well-stretched and relaxed for this one. Damaged knees rarely come back one hundred percent. If you have any issues in the knee area, see your physician before trying this asana.Modification one: 1)Kneel upright on the mat with your hands at your sides. 2)Choose either leg and perform the following actions simultaneously: keep the chosen leg bent at the knee, but turn it sideways so that you are looking at your inside groin adductors; at the same time, begin to lower your hands onto the mat on each side of your pelvis;

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Yoga poses: Gentle yoga pigeon pose variations