Yoga poses: Yoga tree pose for new moms


There are many variations of Yoga Tree Pose and all of them are balances which work both the Limbic (emotional and value judgments) and Cerebellar (physical) brain and nervous systems' responses. Because both balances and alternating arm and leg 'asanas' (poses) tie in both the emotions and the physicality of being in your body they are excellent mood elevators and I teach them for stress and long-term clinical depression maintenance programs. The only contraindications for this pose is a history of knee problems and, or dizziness or vertigo. If you have any of these issues, see your physician before you begin. Today, let's look at two modifications of Yoga Tree Pose that are great for new moms. Tree Pose – practice one: Keep an open folding chair nearby or find a blank piece of wall. Learning Tree Pose is like learning to ride a bike – allow the pose to evolve over a few sessions and soon it will be perfectly natural. A word: self-criticism will not serve you well in Yoga. Keep it light and fun, and you'll go further faster. 1)Stand beside your wall or chair and place your right hand on the chair back or wall.

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Yoga poses: Yoga tree pose for new moms