Yoga sequences


Here I demonstrated a yoga sequence to help strengthen your lower back – the most vulnerable part of the spine – to protect the sacrum, and improve the stability and flexibility of the hips.
As I’ve mentioned in the previous article, when done regularly and correctly, this therapy can help reduce pain and inflammation, increase circulation, improve function and increase a sense of self-confidence and well-being. Before you start, always be mindful of breathing. Inhale deeply and freely and exhale completely through the nostrils. In the practice of yoga, inhalation and exhalation are used to integrate the spinal movement. We breathe in to lengthen the spine, creating space in our vertebrae, and we breathe out to move or to go deeper into the posture. Last but not least, follow the order of the sequence. It starts with gentle warm-ups before going further. These hatha yoga poses have been modified to meet therapeutic needs. In this part, we cover poses on the floor and standing, while the next column will cover those lying on the belly and on the back.

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Yoga sequences