Zumba, Yoga Hop and Yogalates


Already on its way to being a sensation, Zumba is slang in Columbia meaning to buzz like a bee or to move fast. Started in Miami by Columbian choreographer and dancer Alberto "Beto" Perez, Zumba is different because it uses Latin music in its original form, there are no step counts. Using a combination of cha-cha, mambo and salsa dance moves, in an hour-long combination of dance and aerobics, Zumba promises to work every muscle in your body and turn exercise into a party. There is a lot of pivoting in Zumba so most instructors recommend flat bottom shoes to protect the knee from twisting. Zumba is now a brand name with more than 20,000 instructors worldwide. What do you get when you cross yoga with hip hop music? Ask Reese Witherspoon who is already a devotee of Yoga Hop. Started in 2006 by Matthew Reyes in his Santa Monica studio, Yoga Hop is not a combination of Yoga and hip hop dancing. Yoga hop is a traditional yoga class filled with down dogs, warriors and forward bends only these classes are set to hip hop, rock and pop music.

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Zumba, Yoga Hop and Yogalates