bikram yoga postures: Whole Body Workout hits 29 poses in 90 minutes


Stress on the mind and the body is a leading cause for most ailments and diseases, as most people know. And as the body starts to break down, the search begins for relief and cure. One historic remedy has a track record that dates back 5,000 years. Yogic science believes that the regular practice of postures, or asanas, and breathing, or pranayama, strengthens the nervous system and helps people face stressful situations positively. Other benefits of yoga include increasing flexibility, increasing energy, increasing muscle tone, lowering blood pressure, losing weight, improving concentration and preventing injury. Even choosing a style of yoga can be stressful, but one that caters to all levels as it cleanses the mind and body is Bikram yoga, founded by Bikram Choudhury, an internationally renowned yoga teacher from India who has taught more than 3 million students. He brought his system to the United States in 1971 at the invitation of the American Medical Association.

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bikram yoga postures: Whole Body Workout hits 29 poses in 90 minutes