Celebrity Moms Get Back in Shape with Yoga and Pilates


We often marvel at how celebrity moms stay so fit and fabulous before, during and after their pregnancies, but the truth is, many of them work out religiously to stay in shape and to regain their figures after baby arrives. We've spotted a slew of famous moms coming and going from yoga and pilates classes, which are two of the most popular workouts in Hollywood and NYC. The good news for moms without star status? Yoga and pilates classes are readily available to all of us!

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Yoga vs. Pilates: What's Right For You?


You want a workout that will stretch and sculpt your entire body. Your yogi friends assure you hitting the mat is the way to go. But you’ve also heard Pilates is an excellent overall body conditioner. So which should you be doing? While yoga and Pilates have some similarities, fundamentally, they are worlds apart. The key to determining which workout you want lies in understanding their core elements and differences. Principles & Purposes, Yoga.-Yoga has a philosophical, spiritual focus that differentiates it from the more workout-based Pilates.

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Yoga, Pilates best combined with other workouts


Question: I have started doing more Pilates and yoga and less cardio and weights. Can I lose weight doing yoga and Pilates?, Answer: Yoga and Pilates are both great forms of exercise and mind-body health; they are, however, very different from each other. It can be really difficult to find time to do everything from cardiovascular training to weight training to flexibility exercises, and most people want to know how many calories they are burning for each mode.

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Taylor Lautner Diet Plan – Add Lean Muscle Without Getting Fat


A few posts back I reviewed Taylor Lautner’s workout and talked about choosing the best strategy for building your own Taylor Lautner body. Today I’m doing up a sample Taylor Lautner diet plan that I designed to quickly add lean muscle, without the fat. For most of my readers who still have some fat to lose before they break into that super lean, single digit body fat level…the smartest course of action would be to continue following a lean body diet.

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How to Get Taylor Lautner Abs - Workout & Training Plan


Taylor Lautner's Workout Plan Taylor Lautner's abs were not just a result of the 9 months of intensive training leading up to the shooting of New Moon. His years of martial arts training created muscle density and muscle maturity normally not seen until someone reaches their mid-20's. The way to reveal the abs is dieting down to a low body fat percentage, but the reason Taylor Lautner had an exceptional six pack was due to his martial arts experience. 1. Take a necessary break.

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Blake Lively's Workout Regime


Blake Lively has been working on getting in shape for her upcoming film with Ryan Reynolds, Green Lantern. Lively has been working with celebrity trainer Bobby Strom to get her new body. The Gossip Girl will be doing her own stunts in the action superhero movie, so she is concentrating on core and strength training. Lively even recently commented on her own physique by noting her new abs. The actress works out four days a week in 90-minute circuit training that includes push-ups, planks, and lunges. Lively works out in a gym near the New Orleans film set.

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Blake Lively Got Those Legs!


Blake Lively -- who flashed her gams in a Marchesa mini at Monday's Met Gala -- has been hitting the gym with star trainer Bobby Strom to shape up for Green Lantern (which costars Ryan Reynolds)."She always looks good," Strom told Us of the Gossip Girl star, 22. "But she has to do stunts, so we're focusing on core and strength training." Her workout routine includes four-day-a-week, 90-minute circuit training sessions full of planks, pushups and walking lunges in a gym near the film's (out June 2011) New Orleans set. "She looked at her stomach and said, 'I have abs!'" Strom tells Us.

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How Blake Lively Got Her Abs Green Lantern Ready


Long and leggy Blake Lively has a few things going for her when it comes to looking so lean: youth and good genes — there's also the issue of Spanx. But for her upcoming role in Green Lantern, Blake needed to get superhero ready. Trainer Bobby Strom recently shared with Us Weekly what he and Blake have been doing to get her in shape to play opposite the Green Lantern himself, Ryan Reynolds. Strom is no stranger when it comes to working with the superhero set, having recently wrapped up training Scarlett Johansson for her kick-ass-and-take-names role in Iron Man 2.

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