White Tantric Yoga


White Tantra is a powerful form of meditation to clear the subconscious. Read about the structure of a White Tantric Yoga workshop, how to prepare, and testimonials. When they hear the word tantra, most people think of sex, but White Tantric Yoga, or White Tantra, is in fact a powerfully transformational meditation technique. Linked with Yogi Bhajan, who was the 'Mahan Tantric' (Master of White Tantra), White Tantra dissolves subconscious blocks and old patterns that prevent people from enjoying their lives fully.

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Yoga sequences


Here I demonstrated a yoga sequence to help strengthen your lower back – the most vulnerable part of the spine – to protect the sacrum, and improve the stability and flexibility of the hips.

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Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown Can Transform Your Body


"The Biggest Loser " trainer Jillian Michaels sits in with "The Doctors" with tips for a healthier, and happier lifestyle. We all know her from The Biggest Loser, fitness expert and trainer Jillian Michaels visits the set of The Doctors today to talk about exercise, health, and her new workout DVD, Yoga Meltdown. Yoga is considered by many to be less about developing strength and more about increasing flexibility and balance. In Jillian's new video, she combines the traditional power poses of yoga with circuit training to create a workout that combines both flexibility and power.

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Jillian Michaels Dishes on "Losing It With Jillian" and Her New Yoga DVD


That's Fit's number one hottest TV trainer and co-host of Biggest Loser Jillian Michaels has an exciting few months ahead of her. Besides the release of her new yoga DVD, "Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown," available today (March 2), the Biggest Loser coach is also ramping up to begin shooting her newest NBC reality show. "Losing It With Jillian." The reality show will be taped in between BL Season 9 and Season 10. Phew! We're tired even thinking about it all.

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Hot Yoga (similar to Bikram Yoga)


What is it? Yoga in a REALLY hot room. Equipment needed: A yoga mat, towel and REALLY big bottle of water. Where: A variety of yoga studios offer this kind of class. We went to CorePower Yoga on Garden of the Gods. Benefits: Yoga increases flexibility and strength. The heat is said to help with circulation and getting rid of toxins. Lora Lantz, area manager with CorePower Yoga says, “It also helps increase circulation to tissues and organs, enhances the functioning of the immune system and provides great healing influence to the entire body.” Let me begin by saying… I am no yogi.

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Finding balance between the gym and yoga


I recently joined a gym and started a pretty intense cardio and weight training routine. It's a nice contrast to yoga, but my muscles get so tight, that it's changing my yoga practice! I don't flow like I normally do and I don't feel in my body. The day after an intense jump rope session, my feet were so tight I could barely feel myself standing on the mat! How do I find balance between going to the gym and keeping my yoga practice going strong?,Yoga instructor and certified personal trainer Arnold Prosperos answers: It is a nice contrast!

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'Slow Burn' Pilates can yield quicker fitness results


In the Lakeside Room at the Heather Farm Community Center, students in a fitness class enjoy a view of the Canada geese and ducks surrounding the lake. The scene, the students said, adds to the serenity of the winter morning as they arrive at their class with green, elastic flex bands and foam rollers in tow. Soon, the students are lying on the foam rollers, gently massaging their backs from side to side.

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From Analyst to Yoga Teacher


Tingting Peng had been in banking for a few months when she started to feel miserable. She had landed an investment-banking analyst job at Morgan Stanley in Hong Kong straight out of college when she was 21 years old. The salary was great for someone her age -- US$50,000 base plus bonus -- but the job was all consuming. "After six months, I felt burned out," says Ms. Peng, who is now 26. Gradually her health began to suffer. One bout of flu morphed into another, with viruses and stomach bugs in between. "I was sick for weeks on end, but I would self-medicate and still go to work," says Ms.

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