What is Yoga? What is Samadhi?


YogaSamadhi is the practice of traditional Hatha, Raja & Kundalini Yoga and incorporates many of the modern yoga systems which includes; asanas (yoga postures), vinyasa (movements), pranayama ( yogic deep breathing), pratyhara (in gathering of the senses), dharana ( visualization & concentration), & dhyana (meditation) leading to Samadhi, the end result and goal of yoga which is to directly experience and know the true self as not only body/mind but as pure beingness, awareness and bliss.

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What is Samadhi Yoga?


Samadhi Yoga is a spiritual path where you can experience profound states of enlightenment. It is unique from other types of Yoga in that it is simply allowing for the bodymind to experience the state of Samadhi consciousness. Samadhi is an ancient Sanskrit word that is literally thousands of years old. It means "the bliss from transcending the mind". The word Yoga means "union" with Source and so Samadhi Yoga is what happens when you transcend the mind and become unified with your Divine Source.

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A model guide to going deeper in yoga practice


If your gym’s yoga classes are packed, or if you hope to cultivate a daily practice at home, Yoga for Wii might be your best ticket to Nirvana this coming winter.No doubt, some yoga purists will be driven mad by Yoga for Wii’s distinctly Western a la carte approach to an ancient spiritual tradition. That’s because Yoga for Wii (www.yoga-game.com/) touches on multiple disciplines at the same time. It also includes tidbits of advice about eating right, the care and feeding of one’s chakras, and postures crafted to relieve back pain, arthritis, and headaches.

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Critique My Full Body Workout Routine


“Thanks for your guidance and insight. I recently joined Gold’s Gym and they have a lot of cable and other kind of machines. Why do u recommend free weights vs using cable machines? For example, a machine to do tricep extension or seated dips or even seated barbell curls does focus on the particular muscle group and i feel the burn.
So why are they not effective?
Also, can you please comment on my routine: (Mon, Wed and Fri)

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Top 5 Worst Fitness Gimmicks of All Time


You Guessed it, get Great Abs while you Watch Television


Watching television while simultaneously work out is a common theme of the top 5 worst fitness gimmicks. It is very easy to see why. All products on the top 5 worst fitness gimmicks list were heavily advertised on television. Since the majority of the buyers of these gimmick products are heavy TV watchers it would be very bad business to advertise a product which you couldn't use in front of the TV.

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Like Water yoga studio and art gallery opens


Richmonders, especially those in the Jackson Ward area, can now experience yoga and art in one unique visit to Like Water. The new yoga studio also serves as an art gallery which features the artwork of Jason Roane (co-owner). Yoga, Pilates and Dance classes are taught by Briana Young-Roane (co-owner). Click here for Like Water's schedule. Briana and Jason's studio has art events monthly , such as Life Drawing and Watch Me Work, as well as yoga classes almost every day of the week. Hard-to-find formats like Just Male Vinyasa and Couples Yoga are staples on their calendar.

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Lisondra Says She Doesn't Want Money To Get In Way Of Yoga Practice


With the current economic climate, businesses are doing what they can to stay afloat. That has led a new yoga studio in Waldo to find a creative way to drum up business. Caren Lisondra knew that opening a yoga studio during a recession would be risky.
"The space found me," Lisondra said. "I looked on craigslist and found what was available and this studio came up. I came to visit and everything fell into place."

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AntiGravity Yoga: The Ups & Downs


It’s a bird. It’s a plane. Nope, it’s me–hanging completely upside down, being supported by a 10-inch-wide piece of cloth and wondering how on earth I decided this was a good idea. AntiGravity Yoga is the newest trend amongst the pricey “glam” gyms and has been catching on in a big way. Combining yoga, pilates and acrobatics, it promises to realign and release your joints from the pressures of gravity. I decide to try it out because it looks, for lack of a more adult phrase, super fun. Walking into class, I get the impression that this will be easy. Guess again.

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